In case of Emergency use Peplink : Unbreakable connectivity for the Public Safety Services

In case of Emergency use Peplink : Unbreakable connectivity for the Public Safety Services

Network downtime means lives lost. Ensure a high speed, low latency connectivity for your entire network so first responders can focus on doing their job. 

Bring in Higher Bandwidths without the need to modify existing infrastructure 

For larger operations with an established network, there may be a lack of flexibility to make changes without bringing the entire network down. And as time goes on, the need for faster, more reliable connectivity will only grow. 

Solution: Bonding 

Drop in a Peplink device to enhance your network and bond multiple WANs together to create one supercharged connection. Increase speeds and stability without the need for a complete network overhaul. 

Bring in Higher Bandwidths without the need for costly infrastructure 

The bandwidth from a single connection may not be enough to support field operations. When multiple people rely on the same connection to work, more bandwidth may be needed for effective communication. 

Solution: Bonding 

Bandwidth Bonding combines data at the packet level, enabling users to combine the speed of multiple connections. Make sure data transfer speeds won’t suffer while driving to the site and stay connected while you’re there. 

Enhance your network for Zero Downtime 

A strong, constant connection is absolutely necessary for first responder work. Whether it’s through active calls or data transmission, no outages make communication faster and more efficient. 

Solution: Failover 

In the event of a network outage, Hot Failover transfers traffic to healthy connections while maintaining session persistence. Live comms, video streams and data transfers will stay up in the toughest of deployments. 

Supercharge your Satellite Connections for reliable connectivity 

With the increasing prevalence of satellite options thanks to Starlink, going online in the middle of nowhere is no longer impossible. Resilient and reliable connectivity, however, is still a challenge. 

Solution: Peplink Integration 

With the addition of Peplink, you can achieve seamless connectivity by bonding and load balancing multiple Starlink connections. 

Software Features 

SpeedFusion - Supercharge your connection with more bandwidth and more reliability. 

ICVA - Manage all your network devices on your private network more securely. 

Edge Computing - Install sensor trackers, video AI recognition tools for faster response times. 

Hardware Features 

Global Licensing -  Emergency Service Network (ESN). 

Advanced GPS Features - Easily keep track of the entire fleet with built-in GPS features. 

Rugged - Designed for mobile use with multiple certifications to back it up. 

Peplink Enables… 

Law Enforcement / Police 

  • Stream high quality live surveillance footage back to HQ. 
  • Access police databases via Mobile Data Terminals (MDT). 
  • Real time AI recognition (e.g. Facial / Gunshot / License Plates). 

Emergency Medical Responders

  • Maintain ambulances access to HQ central records in remote locations. 
  • Transmit the patient’s real time vital signals to the hospital. 
  • Real time telemedicine

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