5G Routers in Smart Warehouses

5G Routers in Smart Warehouses

Make the Most of Indoor 5G

Using 5G routers for indoor 5G is the key to creating smart warehouses that help drive a successful retail business, and that is no exaggeration. Today, industry leaders are using robots to improve the productivity of their warehouses so they can meet increasing customer demands. From robotic arms that stay put to lift heavy goods to roomba-like robots that pick from shelves and then deliver to human pickers, none of them can operate without reliable connectivity.

That’s where 5G routers with the ability to bring 5G indoors come in. Many warehouses are located in areas that are underserved by wired connectivity, such as broadband and fiber, and these 5G routers give retailers another option. Retailers can therefore take advantage of this additional wireless internet source to build smart warehouses, leveraging robotics and IoT to improve productivity and drive business growth.

The BR1 Pro 5G  could be the perfect option for a 5G router, one of the most popular models in Peplink’s extensive 5G portfolio. It is slim in size but versatile in its capabilities. It allows users to have a great indoor 5G experience, and it is able to keep a robot working continuously in a smart warehouse.

There are Always Ways to Get Internet

The BR1 Pro 5G is a single-cellular router with an embedded 5G modem. It’s suitable for mobile situations, but that doesn’t mean it’s limited to having cellular connectivity as its Internet source. The 5G router also has a WAN port and Wi-Fi as WAN functionality for other WAN sources.

For a stationary robotic arm in smart warehouses, the BR1 Pro 5G can be left in place with a cable connected to its WAN port. This way, the existing fixed line canBr1 be easily integrated into the router as the primary connection on top of its embedded 5G. 

Fixed lines can also be used for robots moving around smart warehouses, though cables are not applicable in this situation. Installed inside the robot, the BR1 Pro 5G can receive the warehouse’s Wi-Fi, which may come from a fixed line, and turn it into one of its Internet sources through Wi-Fi as WAN.

Not Just Redundancy, But Seamless Backup

The dual WAN sources of the BR1 Pro 5G are not just about redundancy, but something more important – seamless failover. Many claim that their 5G routers provide instant backup, but in fact, there’s always a gap before the second connection picks up the traffic, which is intolerable for any robotics or IoT application. With Peplink’s 5G routers, however, you can leverage the patented Hot Failover technology and enjoy a truly seamless backup – you won’t even notice when the primary link is down.

hot failover

Private 5G

You don’t have to stop there at indoor 5G, because the BR1 Pro 5G is also certified for use with private 5G networks. Enjoy all the benefits of private 5G with it, such as greater control over access to your network and better data security. These are extremely important for smart warehouses, where large numbers of robots are transmitting data every second.

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