Peplink Cellular Router Picks to Supercharge Your Network In 2023

Peplink Cellular Router Picks to Supercharge Your Network In 2023

Building your supercharged network with Peplink begins with selecting the right connectivity device such as a cellular router. Many applications may still use wired connections, but leveraging cellular connectivity strengthens the resiliency of your network.

Each network has its own requirements and while Peplink’s cellular routers are versatile, there might be a specific one that fits your deployment best. The following routers have been selected based on Peplink’s current offerings and common criteria our users look at, such as budget, mobility, and device capabilities.

Fixed Internet for Fixed Locations

At fixed locations like business offices or residential areas, internet access has become a staple requirement for day-to-day activities. Pick a router that allows you to leverage different internet sources for network resiliency. 

The Balance 20X, though mainly paired with a wired connection, also serves as an LTE router with its embedded cellular modem. Further turn it into a 5G/LTE router by using a 5G module in its expansion slot.

  Balance 20X

Internet on the Go With a Peplink 5G/LTE Router

What about a cellular router for mobile or temporary applications? Peplink covers all grounds, figuratively and quite literally, when it comes to network connectivity. Some considerations when selecting a mobile router include its size and power options.

Leverage a mobile router like the Transit Duo Pro for its dual cellular modems in a compact shell. For portability, this mobile router features duo USB-C power input ports, meaning that you can power up your network with a power bank. 

Peplink MAX Transit DUO PRO

A 3-In-1 5G/LTE Router for Greater Flexibility

Just need to add a 5G connection to your network? Or maybe you need a cellular router that serves both mobile and fixed applications? To avoid piling up bulky devices, some users look for the full suite, an all-in-one cellular router that can do most of the work.

Easily add cellular connectivity to your network with the BR1 Pro 5G. This cellular router can be used as a simple 5G adapter with your existing router or a 5G/LTE router at the heart of the network. And whether it’s for a branch office or for a vehicle, the BR1 Pro 5G delivers ultimate 5G internet speeds as a fixed or mobile router. 


Powerhouse Cellular Routers for Large Deployments

For larger projects, you might require a cellular router that can cater to more devices. Peplink’s  HD4 MBX makes an ideal 5G/LTE router, capable of aggregating the bandwidth of up to 4 cellular connections for a large bandwidth channel to the internet. This provides wider coverage for mobile applications or network redundancy for fixed deployments.


And if that’s not enough, customize the SDX to suit your needs. This modular router features an expansion slot for 5G/LTE capabilities. Similar to the HD4 MBX, install this in an office to withstand the bandwidth requirements of a branch network, or set it up in a mobile vehicle for a variety of connections on the road. 


Did you see the one for you? Only a few routers were mentioned in this list, but Peplink has a wide portfolio that features a variety of routers that might be the one you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to explore the selection of available routers, or contact us for further information.