Connect Starlink with Peplink and Supercharge Your Experience

Connect Starlink with Peplink and Supercharge Your Experience

Peplink allows you to combine Starlink with 5G and other connections. This makes Starlink an even better solution when more reliable connectivity is needed. Applications like Zoom, Teams and other real time services stay stable and smooth. With Peplink, you’ll be able to make sure that your connection stays rock solid.

What are the Challenges of Starlink Connectivity?

Starlink Connections May Occasionally Break

Due to the nature of Starlink’s LEO satellites, outages sometimes occur in the case of bad weather.


Challenging Location Requirements

Having tall objects around the satellite dish lowers the efficiency of your connection greatly, which could be make your important applications suffer.


Unbreakable Connectivity

Starlink won’t always be reliable, especially if it’s installed as a mobile deployment. Hot Failover helps ensure session persistence with zero down time.

Optimize Your Network

Take full control of what traffic travels through Starlink and your other WANs.

When Starlink’s performance isn’t up to par, designate priority traffic through other WANs so ongoing applications don’t suffer.

Likewise, designate high bandwidth, low priority traffic (e.g. file downloads) through Starlink during off-peak hours to take full advantage of their data plan.

Bonding with Starlink

Combine the bandwidth of multiple Starlink connections to create one unbreakable high speed network.

Useful for providing high speed connections where nothing else works (e.g. Cruises / Remote events)

Combine the bandwidth of Starlink connections with LTE to provide seamless connectivity in remote area.

Useful for providing full time connectivity suited for areas where connectivity has been unreliable (e.g. Mobile / Maritime deployments).